Our Social Responsibility

Giving Back
Shree Candles is proud to give back a portion of it's profits to The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission.

The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission is a non-profit society reaching out to a hurting world. They serve the poor and displaced through programs that help to save lives, bring hope and restore dignity. This assistance is given without regard to religious beliefs, gender, caste or ethnic background. The mission was founded in 1948 by Rev. Maxton Strong and his wife, Shirley and is locally known as "Strong Farm". After the death of Mr Strong in 2003, the work was taken over by his son-in-law Warwick Shipway, the current Director, and his grandson, Clifton who is the current Deputy Director.

The GSAM's primary function is the care of needy children, particularly those who have become orphaned, but it is not all that they do. They work hard with local community members to uplift all who are struggling: widows, lepers and those who are challenged with disabilities.

Currently, the GSAM has around 80 orphan children in it's care, they are provided with education, food, accommodation and, most importantly, with love. We believe in their work and are proud to support them. A video of their work can be seen here:

In partnership with supporters like Shree Candles, the GSAM is able to bring both physical and emotional healing to many across India. The change they are making is a long-lasting one and will ripple through generations.


The Good Shepherd Agriculture Mission

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